Session One

Going There

Journal Entry – Celebration Night
p. The night was ablaze with a celestial lightshow, the Siberyan sky glowing hues I only vaguely remember from my countless lives, the memories but shadows of long-forgotten dreams that skirt the tails of my consciousness. The celebration has been said to be one of the greatest of the year, and if I am to understand the point of life then I must experience all that life can offer, even in such squalor and vibrancy as I saw that night.
p. I decided to gamble on the fights taking place behind the tavern. I was once told that gambling was fun. I wagered my final coins on a Tiefling across a Dragon-Borne. The Tiefling was defeated, and lost me my last bit of coin.
p. Next, a man, perhaps an Eladrin or something similar, started a drinking contest. I forswore alcohol for many years but I decided to imbibe, then, in the pursuit of my new perspectives. The Dragon-Borne I had wagered against joined in, as well as a small girl of perhaps elven descent, and the Tiefling whose poor fighting skills cost me my last currency. Since my Waking I had only lied twice, both times to no real affect, but I felt this was a perfect opportunity to try it again, so I told the Tiefling that if he were to join us, and win, I would give him gold. Perhaps I wanted some slight vengeance for losing money on him earlier. - The drinks were strong but at last it was me versus the demon-faced man. He won. I lied again and fled out the back of the tavern.
p. In the alley, I saw the Dragon-Borne lying face down. I had never stolen for personal gain before, and I was intoxicated (what an extraordinary feeling that is after all), so I decided to pilfer some coin from him. I…the word is, pyewed, I think…in his pants. I barely noticed a man then rifling through my own belongings to which I had none. I eventually found my way to an inn, staggering.
p. I obtained a room at the inn quite by surprise. Lying apparently can be used most beneficially. Before long I heard voices outside my door. Assuming it was one or more of the strangers I had in all probability offended, I arranged my room to be a fire-trap. When there is nothing to lose you can only gain. The expected Tiefling opened my door, upset. We heard a scream downstairs and instinctively ran to it.
p. The woman, the innkeepers wife was being attacked by some kind of Vine creature. We defeated it easily. In my still drunken stupor I had cast a fire spell, setting the inn on fire. I froze over the walls and floor to stop the fire. We then huddled outside, I apologized to those I offended then vowed to help them in any way I could. Perhaps the best way to study an animal is to live among the animals.
p. We were approached by an orc name Turo. He gave us shelter, and a mission, explaining that more attacks like the one we witnessed were taking place due to the degradation of a seal that divides this plane and a plane of nature. More creatures were slipping through he said. He told us to go to Arcanix, a city of towers in the sky, and retrieve a tome from it’s library. He also told us that the Library had been broken into, as well as a war museum, but nothing was taken. I doubt the accuracy of the investigation. We will see.
p. On the way to Arcanix the clouds were violent, and we sought shelter. We were attacked by a rude group of goblins. Despite the glory of their ancestors these beings were but obstinate thugs, and they severely misjudged the collective skill of our fighting. I am still awash in blood and ashes. We sleep now in a crude stone tower.

p. I write by the flickering candlelight. Our party is so far a Tiefling, the DragonBorne, three of elven descent, all of which had participated in the drinking contest the other night, save for one of the elven. I wonder what each of their aims are. A part of me wishes to not sleep, to watch them, to be sure I am not attacked, but then again, I am eternal. I will be here long after the bones of their children have given way to dust. What is death to me but a pause in the stream like water filling a dam then spilling over again. My dreams have recently become more vivid, clear…they show me lives I have lived, all under the service of gods. Gods that play with lives of men as a child plays with an insect by a campfire, and I, I live as the cockroach who crawls away from the looming child to the cold and the darkness that I may be free.


Awesome that this is in character. 10 Points for Gryffindor!

Session One

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