Session Two

After awaking from our sleep in the tower, a few of my fellow travelers realized they had forgotten to tie their horses. We were luckily able to find them shortly after. The Dragonborn somehow managed to drag his out of the creek bed near where we fought the band of goblins. I must remember to not get on his bad side.

Once we returned to the tower all of my fellow travelers actually decided to tie up their horses, rather than the half of them that had previously. The deva had somewhat questionable tactics compared to everyone else. It is strange how little these people ask questions…I like that, I believe it is much better that way.

Together we descended through a trap door into what we found to be the goblin stronghold. The room we entered as we stepped down the stairs was filled with alabaster columns. While we were walking down I could smell the faint scent of goblin flesh, and drew my weapons. I noticed the goblins as soon as we were walking down and attempted to leap over the Dragonborn whom was in front of me, but was distracted by the young elf next to me and fell. I doubt my queen will smile upon me for making such a mistake. The young elf tried to show me up, but ended up falling as well. Let this be a lesson to her. We fought long and hard and after an intense battle the goblins were defeated. At the end of the battle, a pile of rats lay dead on the floor from where we had dispatched them, and there was a hole in the middle of the floor where the Dragonborn had decided to trigger a trap before we could investigate the area. The room had blood spread everywhere, both from us and the goblins. I couldn’t help but feeling that there was something stronger here, there is no way a group of goblins could be as organized as the ones we had just fought, and there’s no doubt that my companions constant yelling had alerted everything to our presence.

We decided to traverse back up the stairs and rest in a nearby wooded area. Luckily a few of my party members knew how to tie rope well and we rigged a shelter out of our tents and some sticks. I sat in the darkest corner of the shelter where I felt most at home and began cleaning my blades with my ceremonial cloth. I introduced myself to the party as Jib, which is one of my numerous aliases. The tiefling goes by Baron, he wields a halberd and is quite inspiring in battle. I can tell he will do his best to defend those around him. The incredibly young elf introduced herself as Acera. She actually shares many of my properties, but does not seem to have the will of the shadows like I do. I’d seriously doubt we have the same intentions as well, she seems to be mostly interested in her coinpurse. Perhaps the least liked of the group is the deva Myrkur. He is somewhat of a loose cannon and doesn’t seem very strategic in his spell casting. Strange how a mage can be so clueless to his surroundings and his abilities. I can’t help but think he will be the death of one of us. The dark caster Khirin seems to be very quiet, although when he speaks up he is in good reason and seems to have a lot better idea of what’s going on compared to our other finger waggling companion. Lastly, the great Sardok Thunderwing is some sort of Dragonborn that carries himself very well. I’m sure he is a fighter of some sort but seems to be holy in nature. Yet I can’t figure out why fate would lead him with these people rather than the Order of the Silver Flame.

Curious about how I managed to run into these people again, I decided to see where they were headed. As fate would have it, they are heading to the great city of Arcanix as well. It seems that my queen was smiling upon me this day after all, for I know I can not complete my task alone, and I know they will need my assistance retrieving this book they were speaking of. I explained that I was heading to the city as well and requested that I be allowed to travel with them. They allowed it, however I had to answer a few questions first. Inevitably, the Dragonborn became suspicious as to why I was heading to Arcanix so I had to swiftly spin up a lie. Perhaps in time I will be able to trust these people and convince them to lend me their swords. For now however, my secrets will remain my own. They can’t know my intentions in the mage city. If they knew of the havoc I intend to unfold there they surely would become a hindrance.

Shortly after explaining myself we decided to rest. Sardok was curious as to why I was sleeping instead of meditating like the other Eladrin. I quickly fibbed that my queen would not allow me to meditate this day for the terrible performance I had in battle. I’m sure him and Myrkur saw through my lie, but they thankfully did not press the situation. These people can not know my origin.

Sardok seems to be the most curious of the bunch, but for some reason I can’t help but like him.I will definitely have to watch myself around him however for his own sake. I don’t believe he realizes the danger of having too much information…I would hate to have it be the death of him as it was for so many others close to me.

Once we awoke we headed back to the dungeon to hopefully clear it out. Upon arriving we found the trap hole now filled with water and the bodies of the goblins to be gone. We shortly found ourselves in a room with three other doors. We could hear movement behind all of them. Arranging ourselves for combat, we teased and threatened the goblins to try to get them to come out. This turned out to be a pretty bad idea…We quickly found ourselves overrun and we ran out of the dungeon. We barricaded the trapdoor with rocks and we now rest outside.



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